Mespro Optimized MRP (Industries – Consumer ware, Manufacturing All, supply chain)

How efficient is your MRP run?
Does constraint in the process and situations at shop-floor prevents you from getting the benefit of System Driven material planning and Supply chain planning?
How Much time you are spending on cumbersome Excel planning?

With the traditional MRP, the planners were not able to execute the MRP at regular intervals and hence, creating a bottleneck. This is a peculiar case for the manufacturing units with a large amount of data to be processed. Mespro Optimized MRP helps our customers to achieve the following:

  • Reduced Inventory cost by 2- 4 % for our clients.
  • Reduced further Dead stock Accumulation to 0%.
  • Optimized planned procurements with real-time alignment with vendors latest schedule of deliveries.
  • Complete visibility and tracking against the commitment dates and much more with Optimized MRP.


  • Planner cockpit for easy planning and scheduling
  • Buyer cockpit
    • For one touch purchasing
    • Vendor Follow up integration with MRP
  • KIT Availability
  • PRT Availability
  • Capacity utilization
  • Dispatch Scheduling
  • Forecast planning
  • Inventory reduction strategies
  • Coverage based replenishments